Emotions convert into Clicks


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Designing Effective Ads

We see many things, in our perspective, as we go through our daily lives. With such routinary experience, we almost, as always, filter what we see and we tend to ignore things that look too common, dull and uninteresting. Conversely, things that convey strong emotions, especially those that we can relate to, make us stop for a while and create time to observe it.

Emotions in Ads

When creating an ad, this is a simple guideline to remember, “Emotions convert into clicks”.

An emotion is a reflection of someone’s feelings. When we look at a living thing, particularly ones that can express feelings, we are somehow able to determine the emotions it is conveying. Banner ads are creative pieces of work that should connect to its audience on several levels. One of them is surprisingly uncommon — that is connecting to the user on an emotional level. Being one of the audience, it is the visual stimulus that usually attracts our attention before we actually see or read the rest of the banner’s content.

Please do remember that the first and the hardest goal of every banner ad is to get the attention of its intended audience. Banner ads are too mainstream as we are exposed to tons of them as we live our daily lives. The possibility of an ad being ignored or neglected is very high. Utilizing strong emotions will surely help to make the ad stand out and be more tempting to pay attention into. Displaying strong emotions in the ad draws the eyes to look at it. Once the banner ad gets audience’s attention, the advertisement messaging kicks in.

Human Beings

Your target audience are human beings. We, humans, are naturally attracted to strong emotions. Think about the last images that caught your eyes and attention. You may remember looking into happy faces, crying babies, angry dogs, exhausted workers or even cartoon characters displaying intense emotions that tend to get attention. Those things that show emotions may increase the possibility of someone interacting or giving attention to it.


A banner ad is and should not be just a product of an artist’s imagination and skills. It must deliver a message to its intended audience. It must have an ultimate goal of connecting to every target user. By creating banner ads presented with very strong emotions, it will surely attract an audience, which is a human being, asking to sense it and eventually perceive its message. When that happens, the banner ad should gain a much higher probability of getting clicked compared to banner ads not showing any emotion.

Banner ads designed to communicate by visualizing emotions gain traction. This may seem a theory to some but is sensible to most. If you are a Banner Designer or Rich Media Developer, you definitely need to try this and be amazed of the results. Happy designing effective ads!