Earning Opportunity for Multimedia Arts Students


We are opening an opportunity for Multimedia Arts students, fresh graduates and freelancers to enhance their skills making it pleasingly acceptable to international clients.

Our team at Rich Media Manila has an on-going referral partnership with ReFUEL4 Pte. Ltd. Our partner needs a pool of talented designers to create banner advertisements for their clients. The banner ads are published and will be visible to some of the biggest social media platforms in the internet — yes, your guess might be right.

The required designer output can be any of these rich media formats: static images, carousel imagesGIFscinemagraphs, videos and fusion of the said formats.

Prioritizing Philippine Residents

As we are based in Makati City, we will be prioritizing design students who resides and is currently studying in the Philippines. I would like to personally call the attention of the following schools who are known to be excellent in Multimedia Arts and Digital Design fields so that they can encourage their students to participate:

It doesn’t matter if your school is not in that list. It doesn’t even matter if you are studying in a school or not! Mentioned schools are some of the established names due to their consistency with regards to producing quality designers. But, I personally believe there are still students who are better than those produced by schools above. As long as you can design well then you are good!

The requirements are easy. Each designer must be knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. These authoring software will be their base tools to begin with. Other required softwares and online services such as Dropbox, Shutterstock, Skype, Google Suite and more can be learned on the process. Also, the designer should be willing to take on a number of agreed deliverables per month.

Each designer can work remotely from home or other convenient places of choice. Here is a standard list of probable operation requirements:

  • Internet Connection (DSL or better)
  • Capable Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Authoring Softwares (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects)
  • Facebook Account (as required by ReFUEL4 platform)

What are the known benefits of joining the ReFUEL4 designer program?

  1. Designer gets to experience creating banners for top brands.
  2. Designer will get a monthly pay of $50 if qualified.
  3. Designer will enjoy a monthly pay of $250 if qualified.
  4. Better opportunities await outstanding designers.

Though we accept applications from freelancers and graduates, we are pushing to encourage design students more as they are the ones who need experience and can immediately benefit from the program.

Working with the Team

You may also contact us for internship availability considering the preference of working in our office. We would also appreciate if you choose to, instead, work with our team as an intern and grow your career with us .


Once decided and ready, please send an email to hello@richmediamanila.com with the subject of ReFUEL4 Designer Application. Please attach your resume, include contact details, and if available, add the links to your creative works.

The team is very much excited for your application. If you are hesitant or you simply have questions in mind, feel free to message me directly or use the comment box below.